About Us

Hyderabad's Finest Jewellers

Meenakshi Jewellers is India's leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of 22 carat gold jewellery and gem encrusted gold ornaments. Behind this enterprise is the prestigious Navdurga Group, established in 1951. Located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Meenakshi Jeweller’s boasts the ability of its experienced and capable craftsmen. Their detailed and delicate work is enhanced by the quality of the gemstones used, and their traditionally-inspired designs appeal to customers with an eye for perfection.

What We Stand For

Through our methods and our jewellery, everything we do revolves around a single concept: the pinnacle of quality. Our finest designers and artisans, through their tremendous effort, produce intricate jewellery, selected carefully by our quality control team. Like the gems studding our jewellery, our business is studded with the talents of our team. With our goal in mind, we aim to demonstrate to our customers a quality of service that is second to none.

Our Gems

From the finest sources come an irradiant array of gemstones, used to enhance and perfect the look of our golden jewellery, including. High-grade rubies and sapphires, sourced from Burma, cut by experts in Bangkok, with maximum carat weight. South-African emeralds, cut be specialists from Jaipur, available in multitudinous shades. Uncut and untreated rough diamonds, in a choice variety of shapes and forms.